Lion King V1 – The Minecraft Musical

The Lion King by ORGG was originally started in September 2019. Back then the intention of the project was something completely different. Gewenzsko’s idea was to have a platform were the dialogues of the movie and the official broadway cast recordings could be combined and played back.

After looking through multiple platforms he decided to choose Minecraft. Within a few weeks this project was made. A recreation that is neither accurate nor detailed with passion. Still it is a vaild entry in the history of ORGG Studios since it formed a very important base for future projects.

Even though the production was fairly simple, the theatre itself was the base for the upcoming rework of Lion King. While a lot of the show, theatre and map was overhauled and redesigned, the lobby itself remains the same till this day. If you watch our current server shows, you will be able to visit exactly those halls.

Curtain of Lion King V1

Instead of a picture or a custom texture, the old curtain was made out of the firewood block from Tinker’s Construct mod.

Quite a poor choice in comparison to the real curtain.

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