Additional Productions by ORGG Studios

Since the start of ORGG Studios we worked on multiple different projects. Some of them ended up being our main content. The productions listed below are essentially projects we have been working on in between major content releases.

Published Maps

The ORGG Theatre

A classic among the minecraft theatres. This unique and very first published theatre by ORGG Studios was already in use by a vast variety of theatre fans. Since its release it got downloaded and used several hundreds of times. The ORGG Theatre offers a capacity of more than 600 seats and is thereby the theatre with the highest capacity published by ORGG Studios.

The Valkyr Theatre

The Valkyr Theatre is ORGG Studios’ latest entry in downloadable contents. It’s another theatre that can be used for any kinds of shows or productions. With a capactiy of around 450 seats and one additional balcony it may sound like a small theatre. When in fact the stage, proscenium and even the fly tower are bigger than the ones from the ORGG Theatre.

Video Productions

Morning Routines

The Morning Routines are ORGG Studios’ first steps towards video productions and minecraft machinimas. This video series combines useful information about the Lion King show and its team with an entertaining story around each character.