The ORGG Theatre

The ORGG Theatre was build to bring order to chaos. Jokes aside, gewenzsko build this theatre with the intention to have a useful and clean template for future productions. While many theatres on the internet looked fairly nice, they usually had a lack of functionality and accuracy in comparison to real theatres. The ORGG Theatre tries to fix this problem. It is debatable if its actually succeeding, but it is definitely popular among theatre builders. Since its release it got downloaded nearly 400 times.

STAGE SIZE:[Width x Depth]
Max.18 x 17 Blocks
PROSCENIUM SIZE:[Width x Height]
Normal18 x 11 Blocks
Max.20 x 12 Blocks


The theatre has a capacity of 604 seats split up in a base level and two upper circles. In addition the auditorium offers two balconies. Furthermore it contains Rehearsel Rooms, Orchestral Rooms, Conference Halls, a Cafeteria, Wardrobe, Restrooms, Lobby and the Box Office.

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In this particular case we offer a timelapse video of the building process: