ORGG Studios

ORGG Studios opens up the world of shows and theatrical content and brings it right into the wide spaces of Minecraft. Started in autumn 2019, this department focusses heavily on high quality minecraft theatre content.

Throughout the history of ORGG Studios, we published multiple main productions and a few additional projects, including our famous production of The Lion King and the ORGG Theatre.

The Lion King – A Minecraft Musical (2021)

Right below we have listed all our previous and current productions:

The Lion King – A Minecraft Musical

The groundbreaking recreation of one of the world’s most famous musicals. That’s what The Lion King – A Minecraft Musical by ORGG Studios is. This virtual adaption of the in germany located production of Lion King once revolutionized the minecraft theatre genre. Its now live enjoyable frequently on our server. Check out Explore to get access to the ticket sale for upcoming performances.

The Lion King – V1

The Lion King by ORGG was originally started in September 2019. Back then the intention of the project was something completely different. Gewenzsko’s idea was to have a platform were the dialogues of the movie and the official broadway cast recordings could be combined and played back. After looking through multiple platforms he decided to choose Minecraft. Within a few weeks this project was made. A recreation that is neither very accurate nor detailed with passion. Still it is a vaild entry in the history of ORGG Studios since it formed a very important base for future projects.


The next project after Lion King V1 was a minecraft adaption of Disney’s Aladdin. This 90 minutes long show recreation was made fully in english. It was the second show project started by gewenzsko. Even at that point there was no intention in publishing it or creating a community.The show itself never made it to the server A few videos and a detailed backstage tour are available for further research.

Additional Productions

In addition to the main show projects, ORGG Studios published a variety of theatre and Minecraft related content. All other productions besides those listed above can be found here.