ORGG Gaming Community

ORGG started as a GTA Online Community, and we seek to keep this part of ORGG alive by expanding to a wider range of games!

We offer a community for the following games:

What can I expect?

As you can see,
we offer a pretty wide range of games here, with some not really offering up much continuous gameplay.
That is why we plan on putting out a schedule in the future to organise community events!
These events will range from Minecraft Building contests, to challenges, and large scale operations!

We will keep you posted on those plans via our Discord server!

Will there be some non-event based games?

We are currently planning on building up a community in Star Citizen as there is a big interest in the ORGG Leadership to explore a role-play based faction with proper ranks, promotions and shared resources.

However, this is a long term goal as the game is currently still in development and we are still waiting on the implementation of key features such as capital ship integration as well as the expansion of the current in-game universe to properly facilitate continuous gameplay with a large number of people in a persistent way.