ORGG Interplanetary

ORGG Interplanetary was founded to create a role-play oriented Star Citizen Organisation, aiming to open up an immersive and heavily role-play oriented experience within the universe.

Goals and Ideas

The focus of the Organisation is to properly immerse every member in their chosen role.
Imagine it to be something like D&D, where you ARE your character and will be expected to stay in that role within the game.

The entire Organisation will have an in-game lore, which will be the foundation of every members role.
Members will be able to dynamically influence this narrative and the Loremasters (G-rom | Gewenzsko) will occasionally put out polished write ups of major events.


Star Citizen has great potential for role-play and we are currently planning on basing the gameplay around manning a capital class ship, which each member being assigned roles to fulfil within that closed eco-system.

Within this Ship (Or multiple depending on active members) we will carry out “expeditions” which will be long term missions of up to a month. Crewmembers will of course be compensated during these long missions.

Furthermore, we intend to carry out focussed events ranging from new limited time stories to mix things up with new roles and motivations to more short term event evenings where some crewmembers on a ship will be given more nefarious goals (Sabotage, Theft, Assasination) to carry out while not getting caught by the rest of the crew.