ORGG Studios

ORGG Studios was founded to deliver Theatrical Minecraft content of high quality to the masses.

ORGG Cinematics

ORGG Productions aims to release high quality Machinima and Cinematic Gaming content of all types.


ORGG was founded initially as a simple Crew for GTA Online back in 2015,
but has since moved on to be a general gaming community and quality content producer of Cinematics and Machinimas.

We have always aimed to put quality over quantity and will never release content that isn’t up to our highest of standards.

Moving forward we aim to diversify our productions into more genres and once again take a leap in quality.

Who is ORGG?



G-rom is our Artistic Director.
He is in charge of Media Design and Storyboarding on projects.



Gewenzsko is head of ORGG Studios.
He’s responsible for Direction and Editing of projects.

Contact via

Contact via


Q: What exactly is ORGG as a whole?
A: ORGG is mainly a gaming community and video producer. We have always enjoyed both games and movies, so we went ahead and combined both into one. Due to us doing many parts ourselves, we have also learned a lot of skills surrounding this idea such as video editing, cinematography and voice acting.

Q: Are you doing these things for profit?
A: No, we do not produce any of our own shorts and Machinimas for any monetary gain. This is pretty much just a thing we enjoy doing.

Q: So, which one of you is in charge?
A: Both. No seriously all decisions just go through both of us unless its about a small matter specific to one person.
We can do this because 90% of the time, we are entirely on the same page about things and there is little need for much discussion.

Q: Can I join?
A: Yes, please do. But please only do if you actually own at least one of the games we’re actually playing.
Yes someone wanted to join for Roblox. No we don’t play Roblox.
If in doubt, check Here

Q: Are these actually questions people have asked, or are you just some sort of web developer making all of this up?
A: FAQs are almost always made before anyone asks questions, but the thing about who is in charge has been asked a few times, so that’s a thing.