The Lion King – A Minecraft Musical

by ORGG Studios

The production of the musical ‘The Lion King‘ has been on hold worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, a German Minecraft player and his team ensure that you can still experience Simba’s adventures., 2020 (Translated from german)

The Lion King by ORGG Studios was released in July 2020. In the mid-summer of the first pandemic year, this project got published on Youtube. And with the theatres closed worldwide it was not surprising that a lot of people discovered the project within weeks.

ORGG Studios viewers and community members increased more and more. Within this time we started to build up our own community, worked on partnerships, collaborations and new projects, but most importantly continued our work on The Lion King!

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Server Show Premiere

While the video was released in 2020, the actual server premiere took place over one year later on Saturday, 28th of August 2021.

After a successful Red Carpet Event, and a quite a rough showstart due to technical difficulties, we could deliver our premiere live on Twitch.

Since then we offer our show on the sever with limited capacities.

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There is a lot going on behind our stage. Here are a few ways to get a look behind the scenes.