This is where it all began.
Initially as simple trailers and evolving from Short Stories to compact movies!

Below you will find the as of this time published content.

Original G-G

The first ever published video by ORGG.
Initially made to advertise the ORGG Crew,
it was the start of something we didn’t initially plan for.
This exact video was later revamped to see how much 4 years of experience really does.

Car Chase.

The first ever Story Driven Shortfilm.
Car Chase, as the name implies was very much a spur of the moment production,
and so far remains the only production only involving one of us.

Seven Nation Army.

This what some might call GMV is to this day one of our personal favourites,
probably because of the song,
but also because it embodied the things we learned from our first two production,
increasing the scope for the first time.

FARGO | Mr Wrench.

Next up we went with picking up an already established name and porting the themes into GTA.
More as a side project fuelled by inspiration.


A striking name for our first thematic short.

Some would call this our first big production,
taking a crew and days of filming to finish and it shows, with much higher quality in both camera and execution.


It’s a nice piece to screw with what’s possible in GTA as well as what’s in your head,
taking a dive into the thin line between what’s real and what isn’t.

Car Chase II.

Another Hard Hitting Mainline Machinima,
this time to give the popular Car Chase a worthy sequel.

If nothing else, this one has the most banging of Thumbnails and probably the most destruction out of any.

The Fleeca Job.

A classic GTA Online Heist rewritten with completely new story elements making it the most ambitious project ORGG has released to this very day.

Initially the first of a long series of heists telling a completely different story, this has been postponed indefinitely.

Lastly, some honourable mentions as these films are not entirely worthy of their own Spot on the list but are still very nice shows of the editing that went into them.