What are Imbalance Entities?

Imbalance Entities, are as far as the OOB is able to observe, created through extreme exposure by an Imbalance Event or Imbalance exposed piece of data to the species Homo Sapiens
(Commonly referred to as Humans). Other species have not yet been confirmed to be affected.

From current observations it is clear that the physiological changes are mutagenic in nature, and appear to connect the affected individual directly to the Imbalance radiation.

Physiological changes:

Visual changes to the Individual present themselves in a way similar to the distortion in vision after staring at a chequered pattern for long periods of time. Causing a slight nausea in the viewer.
Additionally, the individuals position will appear to be slightly distorted, appearing as if someone were to very slightly cross their eyes in a pulsating manner.
Observing these phenomena with recording equipment instead will lead to the Individual appearing like they themselves are a corruption of the video data.
A video has been attached here:

Psychological and Internal changes:

Non visible and behavioural changes have been observed in fluctuation with the Imbalance strength itself.

The most notable change in this case is irritability of the affected individual increasing around the time of an Imbalance Event. This however is not a mere psychological change, as burns akin to sunburn will also begin appearing, not on the skin surface, but penetrating deeper within the outer layer. These are not visible to the naked eye, however Subcutaneous tissue is damaged nonetheless. These usually take the shape of coiled lines, and will fully penetrate the Dermis layer of skin.

Probably the oddest effect is that Individuals affected will now be conditioned to relate a certain protectiveness over technological and digital objects. It is yet uncertain if this is a form of objectophilia.
Brain signals of the individual, while already affected by the mutation appear to match that of a parent looking at their own child, suggesting that the Imbalance has linking properties on all affected devices and entities. This effect needs further study.

A Therapy for the affliction is currently underway. While affected individuals have not yet been able to be unlinked, the physiological changes have been able to be sufficiently dampened via the same methods used in dampening the Imbalance towards ORGG infrastructure and servers.

Okay, that part there is false, I may have a method of unlinking via… reverse Cognitohazard. Freshly “borrowed” from the COTDG.
Listening to the file may very well reverse the linkage, then combining our therapy methods we may have a chance. Here: