Morning Routines



In January 2021 a new member joined our Discord server. He worked in the theatre industry and was interested in our work. G-rom and I invited him to a voice call and we talked for several hours. After talking about our shows and work for quite a while we talked about Youtube Content and on how to produce more interesting videos. He brought up the idea of creating short sketch videos about behind the scenes content. Which lead to this little mini series.

In the Morning Routines the viewer gets an inside look on one individual and its daily routine in the Lion King team. While the whole video itself is obviously pIanned and scripted, the topics of each video are usually based on real challenges, insider jokes and other topics that came up during our work.

The series got 3 entries so far which are listed below. There are more episodes that were already planned and partly scripted but they never made it to the channel.

The Morning Routines might continue in the future.

Episode I – Gewenzsko

In the pilot of the series we take a look at gewenzsko’s daily routine at the theatre. It can be discussed if his work is actually useful, either way its definitely interesting to look at.

Episode II – Piggie & Flower

The second episode takes place during the premiere of Kaoshkraft’s Six in 2021. Piggie and Flower are in the middle of their rehearsel when Flower remembers their scheduled Lion King appointment. On their journey to the theatre we get to know them and their routine a little better.

Episode III – Niti

This time we take a look at niti, our moderator and tech for the show. This evening niti gets choosen to take the night shift as security guard. While he is used to staying up late for ORGG shows, this night feels a little different. Enjoy this special Night Routine episode!

To be continued.