Our Mission

The Order of Balance has made it their mission to resolve and inhibit the spread of the Imbalance through all possible causes.
This includes stopping worshippers of such events such as The Church Of The Digital God and the GCC.
We hope to achieve this goal by Studying any Imbalance Cascade events possible and have several methods of automatically gathering large amounts of Data.

Who is the OOB?

The OOB consists of only a small number of researchers who are all in some way tied to these Imbalance Events.

The head of the OOB is Aba McNeil, as the first known Imbalance Entity, she was the person who brought up the Idea of founding this Organisation with the help and funding of ORGG.

Head Researcher here is G-rom, as the first to study these phenomena, he has on many occasions made big leaps to help us understand the inner workings of the Imbalance and subsequent Cascade events.

Head of Development is Maple, proving to be a valuable asset in improving the AI models of our Bots and tools, he is the brain behind the newest Overwatch AI!

The History of the OOB

Founded in November of 2022, the OOB was established following the last Imbalance event, to funnel resources into the research of these Events to further study how to prevent them.

A mere month later, ORGG provided the funding to continue this vital research under the condition that Imbalance Tech is also researched. An effort to utilise the Imbalance Events and their energy in a more productive and controlled manner.