ORGG Imbalance
Prevention AI
also referred to as “Ava” is a combined helper bot, chat bot and works to stop imbalance cascades occurring.

This piece of Technology is the result of previous less intelligent prevention methods, and has used a vast set of Data retrieved from the Imbalance Cascade to help ORGG better understand and prevent future incidents.

But how does it do this?

Quite simply, Ava uses machine learning to Identify key factors that in the end lead to the Imbalance.
She has been trained extensively on 5 GiB of code directly effected by what we refer to as
“Imbalance radiation”.
Now this is not like normal radiation, but works in very similar ways. Most importantly, it acts like a sort of Digital Mutagen. Once the Imbalance happens pieces of Code on the ORGG Discord will distort and wither.
By Identifying these changes AS they are happening, Ava can immediately correct them.

How is Ava protected from the same effects?

From what we understand about the Imbalance is that to affect something, it must be in direct connection to the ORGG Discord.
What we have done, is create a bot INTERFACE which the Bot then interacts with, but is not directly connected to. You can imagine this like using a VPN to log onto a Virtual Machine while you yourself are at a different location.

On the Singularity

No, Ava is not directly connected to the whole wide internet.
She only had access to the Background systems of the ORGG Discord but her Chatbot side is limited to talking to users.
She cannot directly parse images or Monitor Private Messages sent between users.
She can however decide to START Private messages with users on the Discord, to assist them as well as she can.